About Us

The African Association of Agricultural Economists (AAAE) is a nonprofit association, serving the professional interests of its members, working in agricultural and broadly related fields of development economics. Our members are professionals working in academic and/or government, and engage in a variety of teaching, research, and outreach activities. Our work addresses a broad range of topics, such as the economics of agriculture, policy, national and international development, resources, environment, food security, and agribusiness. This is aimed at improving the productivity of African agriculture.
Founded in 2004 in Nairobi, Kenya during its Inaugural Symposium, AAAE has over the years registered steady membership growth. Our primary objective is to further the agricultural economics profession as well as develop relevant policy options that show the trade-offs of productivity and income growth, and the sustenance of the natural resource base. AAAE was formally registered on 19 September 2005 as a nonprofit association in Kenya, under the Societies Rules 1968.