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September 16, 2020 | No.8
Africa Agriculture Status Report 2020

AGRA is pleased to release the “Africa Agriculture Status Report 2020,” with the theme, “Feeding Africa’s Cities.” Africa’s cities currently provide the largest and most rapidly growing agricultural markets in Africa. Out of total urban food sales of roughly US$200 to US$250 billion per year, over 80% comes from domestic African suppliers. In the coming decades, demographic projections forecast rates of African urbanization as the highest in the world. READ MORE

source: AGRA
The 2020 Africa Agriculture Trade Monitor (2020 AATM) Report

The 3rd edition of the Africa Agriculture Trade Monitor (AATM) Report was released at the African Green Revolution Forum (AGRF) during "The Great Debate". The report, the third in this series of flagship reports, presents an overview of trade in agriculture products in Africa and highlights the main impediments that affect intra- and extra-African trade. This year’s report includes chapters focusing on intra-Africa trade integration for agricultural products, including the role of non-tariff measures, and on the competitiveness of African value chains that are crucial for food security. READ MORE

source: ReSAKSS
Virtual Event - COVID-19, global markets and African agricultural trade: Impacts on growth and food security

The economic shocks of COVID-19 on global markets have left the African continent, along with its producers and consumers, distinctly vulnerable. This seminar will examine how changes in global food trade since the pandemic have impacted African food systems, regional supply chains and food access. READ MORE

source: IFPRI
Ugandan Doctor Wins Africa’s Food Award

Dr. André Bationo and Dr. Catherine Nakalembe have been announced as the 2020 winners of the Africa Food Prize (AFP) for their exceptional contribution towards the promotion of food security across the continent. Dr. Bationo, a researcher from Burkina Faso, has been recognized for his efforts into the improvement of micro-dosing fertilizer technology. Dr. Bationo has also scaled-up an inventory credit system which allows farmers to store grain and receive a credit when prices are low, thus selling their grain when prices are higher. READ MORE

source: EABWNews
AGRA’s Greatest Achievement Has Been to Give Farmers Choices – Andrew Cox

Africa’s food systems have been moved more than an inch from almost non existing structure for seed production to investing in more than 110 seed companies, Africa Green Revolution in Africa, AGRA is keeping its goal to assist in advancing African Agricultural systems, INFACTNG has learnt. “AGRA investment in Africa is providing opportunities that farmers in other parts of the world take for granted” says Andrew Cox, AGRA’s Chief of Staff and Strategy. READ MORE
source: AGRA
Re-Imagining Africa’s Food Future at the Intersection of Agriculture and Conservation

With more than half of the world’s acutely food insecure people living in Africa, achieving food security is critical to the continent. Across Africa, agriculture is the primary source of livelihoods and the majority of households consume at least a portion of the food they produce. All too often, however, the way food is produced, distributed and consumed in Africa is at odds with the natural capital on which both people and wildlife depend. READ MORE

Africa’s agricultural sector faces up to Covid-19 crisis

Along the tarmacked border separating Kenya and Tanzania, hundreds of trucks filled with perishable food sit in the heat. At the roadside, drivers lounge on cardboard mats in patches of shade for up to a week as swabs are sent to Nairobi for coronavirus testing. By the time drivers complete their journeys, much of their cargo is putrid, and with many planes grounded, Kenyans are seeing price hikes on supermarket shelves. READ MORE

5 ways urbanization is changing agriculture in Africa

The African continent has the most rapid rates of urbanization in the world. Because of this, cities are the largest and fastest growing agricultural markets in Africa, with between $200 billion to $250 billion per year in food sales. More than 80% of those sales come from suppliers on the continent, according to a new report. READ MORE

source: Devex
In the face of crisis, equitable farming systems grow in Nigeria

In northeast Nigeria, where agriculture forms the backbone of rural communities and livelihoods, the militant group Boko Haram has forced millions to flee their homes and take refuge in crowded settlements on the outskirts of the region’s largest cities and towns. They’re leaving behind not just their homes, but their ways of life. READ MORE

source: Cornell CALS
Ideas from Africa still free for all yet webinars have cut travel costs

Am I the only one who is overwhelmed with webinars? It used to be the case before Covid-19 that we would be invited to conferences. If you were speaking, international organisations were willing to fly you across the world, put you up in expensive hotels and then, instead of paying a fee for the ideas you presented, provide a few measly dollars in lieu of dinner and call that per diem. READ MORE

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