AAAE News Brief-48 | 8 March 2023

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March 8, 2023 | No. 48
AAAE & AEASA Conference: Final call for submissions
Dear Colleagues,
We would like to inform you that the Local Organizing Committee for the AAAE & AEASA Conference 2023 is happy to announce the extension of the contributed paper submission deadline by two weeks, from the initial date of 7 March 2023 to 21 March 2023.
This decision was made in response to authors’ request for more time to complete their papers and to accommodate others that are in the process of finalising their papers. We believe that this extension will allow more authors to submit their research work and thus participate in the conference.
We look forward to receiving your submissions and if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the LOC.
Thank you for your interest in the AAAE & AEASA Conference 2023.
Prof. Lloyd Baiyegunhi, Chair - Local Organizing Committee

source: ACAE2023
AAAE & AEASA Conference: Sponsorships
We are thrilled to announce that grants will be available to cover the participation costs for students and early-career researchers whose papers will be accepted for the AAAE & AEASA Conference. This is a great opportunity for students and early-career researchers to share their research findings, network with colleagues in their field, and gain valuable exposure.
To be eligible for the grants, students and early-career researchers must have had their papers accepted for presentation at the conference and MUST be duly registered members of the  or . The grants will cover the costs of some of the following items; registration, travel, and accommodation.
We encourage eligible students and early-career researchers to apply for the grants when the application window opens, and we look forward to welcoming you to the conference. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at 

source: ACAE2023
The African Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF) Support
We are pleased to announce that the African Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF) has generously agreed to provide funding to the AAAE & AEASA Conference 2023.
The Travel Grants are aimed at supporting early career professionals and researchers whose papers will be accepted for presentation at the conference, but may not have the financial means to do so. The ACBF is committed to supporting the next generation of African scholars through leveraging knowledge and learning to increase development effectiveness, and we are grateful for their support in enabling this opportunity.
The grant application process will be competitive, and eligible applicants will need to demonstrate a strong interest by submitting a research paper that aligns with the conference theme.
We encourage eligible early career professionals and researchers to apply for travel grants and participate in the conference to network, learn, and contribute to the growth of agriculture in Africa. 

source: ACAE2023
The International Association of Agricultural Economists (IAAE) Sponsorship
The International Association of Agricultural Economists (IAAE) will be sponsoring the attendance of early career scholars at the upcoming AAAE & AEASA Conference in Durban to the tune of $25 000. This sponsorship will cover the travel, accommodation, and registration expenses for a selected number of early career scholars whose Contributed Papers have been accepted for the conference. This funding will complement other funds raised by the AAAE and AEASA for this purpose and will be awarded under the same conditions as part of the selection process for Contributed Papers. Early career scholars are encouraged to apply and take advantage of this opportunity to participate in a premier academic event and connect with peers from across the globe. 
The IAAE is a professional association for economists, academics, and practitioners working in the field of agriculture and food systems. The mission of the IAAE is to promote the common business interests of economists having as a major focus of their work the study of the economics of agriculture. The IAAE holds triennial conferences and publishes the Agricultural Economics journal, which provides a forum for the dissemination of research and analysis in the field of agricultural economics.

source: ACAE2023
PANAP Travel Award for papers in the area of sustainable food systems transformations
In the context of the Pan-African Network for Economic Analysis of Policies (PANAP), the European Commission Joint Research Centre (JRC) is seeking to sponsor the travel costs of selected presenters at the joint AAAE & AEASA 2023 conference in Durban. The awardees will be selected from those Contributed Papers accepted to the conference. The papers should fall within the area of “Sustainable food systems transformations”, with no restrictions on the methodologies employed. At the conference, the selected papers will be part of the offering of the JRC.
The UN Food Systems Summit 2021 called for food systems that are healthier, fairer and more sustainable – beneficial for both current and future generations. The shortcomings of our current food systems, from environmentally degrading agricultural production systems to imbalanced supply chains to food loss and waste, have become clearer over time. Shocks like the COVID-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine have further exposed its fragilities. Scientific evidence is needed to identify feasible and scalable solutions. The proposed Invited Panel for this sponsorship aims to identify examples of sustainable approaches and practices at the farm, regional or national level to enhancing climate change resilience/adaptation and mitigation, fostering an agroecological transition and limiting environmental services degradation and deforestation. 
Submissions by researchers at African institutions, and especially by female researchers, are strongly encouraged. Presenters wishing to be considered for this sponsorship should follow the normal conference submission process by including the sentence "To be considered for the JRC travel sponsorship" on the front page of their manuscripts. .

source: ACAE2023
PARI (Program of Accompanying Research for Agricultural Innovation) Grants
PARI (Program of Accompanying Research for Agricultural Innovation) will sponsor the participation of ten African students at the AAAE & AEASA conference in Durban. The PARI research project focuses on improving agricultural growth and food security in Africa through innovation and will fully fund the students' participation in the conference. Ten accepted papers written by African students that relate to the topics of Agricultural innovation and Food security will be awarded the grants. In addition, the successful awardees will be invited to attend a PARI side event during the conference.

source: ACAE2023

AAEA (Agricultural and Applied Economics Association) Trust Award
The AAEA Trust is providing USD 3,000 in funding to support the AAAE & AEASA Conference 2023 in Durban. This funding will go towards two Early Career Professional Travel Grants. The AAEA Trust is dedicated to supporting the work of agricultural and applied economists by funding programs and initiatives that advance the profession.

source: ACAE2023
Appointment of The Conference Company (Confco) as Professional Conference Organiser
The Local Organizing Committee has appointed The Conference Company (PTY) Ltd as the Professional Conference Organizer (PCO) for the upcoming AAAE & AEASA 2023 Conference in Durban.

With over 20 years of experience in the conference industry, The Conference Company has established itself as a reputable and reliable partner in managing conferences and events of all sizes in South Africa. Their expertise in logistics, planning, and execution of conferences will ensure that the AAAE & AEASA 2023 Conference is a success.

The Conference Company has a proven track record of delivering successful conferences in various industries and sectors, including agriculture, education, healthcare, and technology. Their team of experienced professionals will work closely with the local organizing committee to ensure that every aspect of the conference is meticulously planned and executed to the highest standards.

We are confident that The Conference Company will bring their expertise, knowledge, and dedication to make the AAAE & AEASA 2023 Conference in Durban a memorable and successful event. We look forward to working with them in the coming months to ensure a seamless and successful conference.

source: ACAE2023
Two months to go: 2024 World Food Prize nominations
The World Food Prize Foundation is seeking nominations for its 2024 Laureate – an individual in the food and agriculture space who has significantly advanced global food security.

Eligible candidates and their achievements must be:
- INDIVIDUAL: The World Food Prize is awarded annually to an individual who has made a significant achievement in furthering food security.
- MEASURABLE: The individual’s achievement must be measurable in terms of reducing poverty, hunger or suffering, or enhancing health, nutrition, quality of life and well-being. - IMPACTFUL: The breadth of the impact of the individual’s work will be considered, along with the complexity of the problem addressed.
- INNOVATIVE: The selection committee will also take into consideration the level of ingenuity and determination to succeed shown by nominees.

Check out the full and submit your nomination. 

AAAE: A message to African Women in Agriculture on International Women's Day 2023
As we celebrate International Women's Day 2023, we at AAAE want to take this opportunity to celebrate and recognize the critical role that the African Women in Agriculture play in feeding our families, communities, economies, and the world.
Your hard work, dedication, and resilience have not gone unnoticed. We want to acknowledge the incredible impact that you have on our families, communities, and the agricultural sector. You are the backbone of agriculture in Africa, and your contribution is vital to achieving food security, reducing poverty, and building sustainable and resilient agri-food systems.
Globally, we continue to face new challenges such as climate change, famine, wars, pandemics, and economic uncertainties. We want to encourage you as our African women to continue being innovative, adaptable, and responsive to the ever-changing agricultural landscape in Africa. Your skills, knowledge, and experience are essential in finding solutions that can address these challenges and ensure that the sector remains vibrant and productive.
Continue empowering yourselves and each other, supporting each other in your endeavours, and advocating for your rights and opportunities. You are the changemakers, and your voices need to be heard and amplified to create a more equitable and just agricultural sector.
On this International Women's Day, we celebrate your accomplishments, recognize your challenges, and commit to supporting you in your efforts to build a brighter future for yourselves, your families, and your communities towards a food-sustainable Africa.
Becoming an AAAE member: The African Association of Agricultural Economists (AAAE) is a nonprofit association serving the professional interests of those working in agricultural and broadly related fields of development economics. Becoming a member of AAAE brings together people who work in the same industry and/or share common interests and goals. Please subscribe today and become a member to help in advocating for our shared purpose.
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